Imagine coming home to a luxurious new bathroom where you can let all of the stress and tension of the day simply fade away.

Dezina Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations will create the designer bathroom that you have always dreamed of.

With over 2000 bathroom renovations completed and delighted customers, Dezina is truly at the forefront of modern bathroom design and bathroom renovations in Sydney.

Whether you are after a modern, art deco or classic bathroom style, Dezina will make your dream a reality.

There are a number of elements to ensuring practical and aesthetically pleasing bathroom design. Considerations will be given to whether you need a shower and bath tub or both combined, the style of vanity, your storage needs, finishes, heating, lighting and ventilation.

We can provide you with a custom built vanity and any type of bath tub for you including stone baths. We can share with you the very best inspiration in modern bathroom design.

At Dezina our tiling is truly of the highest standard, like a work of art created with incredible skill. You will appreciate our finesse and attention to detail. All bathrooms are constructed with emphasis on drainage points; rest assured your water will end up down your drain hole and not in your hallway.

Moreover, as part of the renovation we can replace the ceiling, replace or relocate your window and change the entry-door location. We provide unlimited trades and services. As required!

Our services include:

  • On-site consultation and design.
  • Bathroom remodeling, extensions, and makeovers
  • Complete project management.

Let our experienced team take the stress out of renovating your bathroom.

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